Start Dreaming: Mozilla Seabird Concept Phone

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Let’s be clear – this will never be a Mozilla product.  Concept only.  What is great is that it pushes the industry and form factor.

What’s really great is that this was designed by community and thousands of people like you had a say in the feature list.

Full details at

Comcast offering 50 mbps for $139.95/month

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So you are still reading after seeing that price?  Is it worth $1679.40 a year to download an HD movie in 16 minutes?  Read the rest of the story here.

Smartphone Saves Planet and Other News

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Samsung’s new phone runs on solar and is made out of your evil, discarded water bottle

Tiny GPS will add convenience and wonder to your life will track you anywhere

BeFunky lets you turn your pics into art for free

YouTube offers free and paid video downloads

Twitter awards?

Goodbye payphone

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2007movie-phonebooth.jpgAT&T announced today that it will end payphone service in 2008.  Increasing use of cell phones has reduced the profit in  the payphone.  First the loss of the phone booth and now this.  Tragic.  What will Superman do?

Actually, all is not lost. You can buy your own Superman booth right here. Or buy your own payphone and start making money.

Your children will find the concept of a payphone bizarre.  Better use one now for old times sake.

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