Poll: how did you track last night’s election results?

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Call your own 2008 election

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CNN offers a great tool to call your own election by choosing winners by state.  Try it out.

Obama, Japan

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It’s true- there is an Obama, Japan. Check the map.  I read about it in the New Yorker this week.

Fox News rewrites history: Lincoln-Douglas debates

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Watch the video and then read on for the punch line.

No, it’s not the cheesy line about tricking the intern.

Fox blew it with the image of Douglas. The series of debates were between Lincoln and who were opponents in the 1858 senate race. Stephen Douglas favored a nation comprised of both free and slave states. Lincoln did not see this as a viable option.

Fox News pictured Frederick Douglas, freed slave, abolitionist and author. Not the same Douglas.

If it were April Fool’s Day I’d figure that someone clever was at work. But this seems legit.

New Obama t-shirt design

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Obama has my stapler! shirt

Obama has my stapler!

After a week of sick kids and broken home appliances I decided to crank out a t-shirt design that has been bouncing around in my head. If you like it pass it on to the other Office Space – Obama – political junkies that you know. Thanks!

Super Tuesday Results

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2008obamacllinton.jpgHuckabee surprises, Clinton and Obama split the Democrats

Clinton gains a boon for Republicans?

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Interesting to hear Karl Rove, now a talking head on Fox News, comment that a Hillary Clinton nomination is a win for the Republican party.  What do you think?

Dropping out

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Edwards ended his run for the Democratic nomination and is holding out on any endorsements.  Giuliani ended his run today and endorsed McCain.  Who will be next?

Super Tuesday will no doubt tell the tale.

Tomales Bay State Park on proposed closure list

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Gov Schwarzenegger released a proposed budget today that targets California’s $14.5 billion deficit.   One of the money-saving proposals involves closing 48 state parks out of a total of 270 parks.  Tomales is on the list.  The parks would remain closed until the budget crisis passes and would be patrolled to prevent unauthorized appreciation of nature.

Here’s the list of proposed park closures.  Many of my favorites are on the list.  How about you?  Do you think that closing parks is better than closing schools or reducing welfare?  Read the comments on the Chronicle article for other options.

Bottom line: get out there and visit some of these parks just in case.

Obama and Huckabee lead polls in Iowa

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Obama pulls ahead of Clinton.

2007huckabee-obama.jpgHuckabee takes first place from Romney.  Who is Huckabee, you ask?  Better find out – he’s the new Republican candidate to beat.  His MySpace page is worth a look- it’s endorsed by Chuck 

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