Start Dreaming: Mozilla Seabird Concept Phone

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Let’s be clear – this will never be a Mozilla product.  Concept only.  What is great is that it pushes the industry and form factor.

What’s really great is that this was designed by community and thousands of people like you had a say in the feature list.

Full details at

Friday News Roundup

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Cars of the future from the Tokyo Auto Show

Windows 7 gets some TV time showcasing the dreams of regular folks

…and Apple welcomes Windows 7 in their own special way (nice mullet)
Motorola leaks their new Android phone (in desperation?)  Seriously.  After having my dreams dashed by the Pre this may be legit iPhone competition. What do you think?

Wednesday Roundup

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Tetris turns 25 years old

Will we get a $99 iPhone on June 11th?

BestBuy bracing for iPhone 3G rumors

Battle of the Phone Rumors

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Rumor #1 – the New York Times reports that the Palm Pre will be released the first week in June. On Sprint (sigh).  I’m betting sooner so that they beat whatever Apple is planning.

Rumor @2 – Apple will release either a new, cheaper iPhone, a new, cheaper iPhone rate plan or both.  The rate plan might drop to limited-access level for $20/month.  That’s ten bucks less than the current plan.  As the comments point out, if ten dollars a month separates you from having the iPhone you can’t afford the plan.

News update

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Rugged Dell Netbook ready for schools – available in colors for $369

You could use EeeRotate to turn your netbook into a book reader

Or buy this pocket sized book reader by Bookeen

Skynet update: military to use (700 page) paperback sized robot in battle.  This is how it starts, people.

Rumor mill: Archos to debut 5 inch Android equipped touchscreen tablet on June 11th?

Photos: Big Screen Kindle PLUS Textbooks!

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Some after dinner trolling of engadget yielded this update.  Here’s the Sparknotes version:
-9.7 inch screen (Kindle 2 currently has a 6 inch screen)
-built-in PDF reader
-five universities are signed up to test drive the Kindle for textbooks

More on Wednesday.  Like price.

News roundup and rumor mill

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News roundup and rumor mill

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Tearful goodbye to Geocities free hosting and all those animated gifs

Family billed $62K for downloading WALL-E

Verizon/iPhone deal may be in the works for 2010

Video – homebuilt pre-Tumbler Batmobile

now I’ll buy an iSomething to use the remote control USB missile launcher

News roundup

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Generate power while you brush your teeth

Google Street View car gets a ticket and is banned from UK village by (torch wielding?) residents

T-Mobile may deliver Google powered phone and tablet in 2010

iPhone rumor mill: AT&T upgrading network to accommodate new iPhone in 6/09

China shares the blame for global warming – with you!

March 17, 2009 at 9:40 pm | Posted in tech | 1 Comment
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That’s right folks.  The director of China’s Department of Climate Change stated that, “this share of emission should
be taken by the consumers, not the producers”.  Meaning, you buy the stuff that we make in our factories so you are partly to blame for our (China’s) emissions.  More here.

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