Computer security roundup

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Who runs Ghostnet? China says “It’s not us”.  Why not call it Skynet?

Should you worry about Conficker?  Symantec says NO.  The Washington Post describes the latest weakness.

Beware the storm worm

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According the Post’s tech security reporter, the Storm Worm is using email and embedded blog links to spread and gain ground.  Initially, the worm appeared as a link to a holiday video which, when clicked, prompted you to download a special codec to view the clip. You don’t get the codec; instead you get a whole slew of spyware.
The creators of the worm are now exploiting the recent assassination of  former Pakistani PM Benazier Bhutto they are redirected to download the same package of spyware.

Bottom line: don’t click on links from an untrusted source, whether they are on a blog or arrive in your email.

Details in the Washington Post article.

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