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Palm Pre release date rumored to be 4/30 – and the reasons why this is unlikely

Observe Earth Hour?  We did- it was very peaceful.  Here’s what it looked like on the Vegas Strip.

Skype coming to iPhone, Blackberry

Adam Savage of Mythbusters – interview about life outside of MB

Deleted photos rescued

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This will sound like a paid endorsement.  It’s not.

The CF card in my digital SLR started locking up over the weekend.  It alternated between “CF Full” and some wacky error.  After serious troubleshooting, including cleaning the card slot and card, the only option was to format the card and start over. 

Formatting solved the problem (time will tell) but resulted in the loss of some unsaved images.  So I gave the free utility Smart Recovery a try.  I installed it and pointed it to the card in the card reader.  The app churned away for about four hours and recovered all the photos.  Even after a hard format of the card.  Good news.

This is where it gets interesting.  There were also numerous photos recovered going back to June of 2008. I haven’t researched the mechanics behind this but it does make you wonder, right?

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