Spam turns 30!

May 5, 2008 at 10:24 am | Posted in tech | Leave a comment
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Not the food product.

It’s the 30th birthday of the billion-dollar annoyance that floods your inbox with annoying messages.

Wikipedia has a thorough history of spam if you are motivated.

Sounds like the first spam was sent over an early form of the Internet known as Arpanet.  The subject was information about a new line of computers entering the market. In ’94, two lawyers flooded Usenet groups with info about getting a green-card.

NOTE: SPAM refers to the meat product made by Hormel.  Electronic spam is NOT uppercase.  Otherwise, the makers of SPAM have no objection to spam

SPIM: Spam via IM.

Text spam has been tagged as spaSMS but I don’t think the term has caught on.

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