BestBuy loses laptop; is sued for $54 million

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Lost laptopUnderstand that Raelyn Campbell never expects to collect $54 million. She merely wants to bring attention to the lousy service that she received from BB.  It’s working.

The short story: she hands her laptop over to BestBuy for warranty repair. After six weeks no one can find it. Runaround ensues. Eventually, BB offers her a gift card worth less than the laptop.

Raelyn talks to a lawyer who, upon learning that her tax forms were on the lost laptop, points outs that BB violated Washington D.C.’s security breach notification law by not informing her that her personal data was lost.  Files suit.

Potential moral of the story:
-have your gadgets repaired locally
-back up all of your data regularly and store the backup well away from the original
-sure, shop at BestBuy – it’s buyer beware no matter where you shop

Read the full story at msnbc

This follows nicely on the Drake student’s victory vs. Circuit City.

Wonder why $54 million?  Here’s the answer.

Canned cheesburger revealed

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I left out the pics in case you don’t want to lose your appetite – more than you want to know after the jump.

Canned cheesburger pics

My favorite Mythbusters episode (so far)

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The MB folks disable the reliable, yet fallible, safety features that prevent your everyday water heater from leaping through the roof of your home.  The results are below.


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