Indiana Jones Preview

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The latest Indiana Jones film is due on 5-22-08.  The fourth installment in the series features a compelling trailer.  Conspiracy fans take note of the screenshot below – taken from the trailer.  Roswell? Indiana Jones Roswell

Interesting twist. Watch the full trailer here.

Besides enjoying the first three films in the series when it was first released, I also have a closer connection to the story.  The (rumored) inspiration for Indiana Jones is the real-life paleontologist and explorer Continue Reading Indiana Jones Preview…

CNN predicts another financial depression (and scares us once again)

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Consider being the new president as the economy continues to falter in 2008. How well did it go for President Hoover?


Last Surviving WWI veteran honored at White House

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Yesterday 107 year old Frank Buckles was honored at the White House for his service in World War I. As a 15 year old he lied about his age to enlist in the army and shipped out to France. After his military career ended Mr. Buckles worked for the White Star Lines (Titanic) and was held as a civilian POW in the Philippines during World War II.

Here’s part one of a two part interview with Mr. Buckles shot in 2007. His stories must be endless and fascinating.

The Library of Congress has a page with more info about Mr. Buckles that was recorded as part of the veteran’s history project. Linked here.

The DOD World War I page has more info about Mr. Buckles as well as the war itself. Nice web design for a government site. Linked here.

I was surprised to learn that Mr. Buckles lives not far from my father’s house. Small world.

Watch part two of the video after the jump.

Continue Reading Last Surviving WWI veteran honored at White House…

March 1, 1932: Lindbergh baby kidnapped

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The kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh’s baby would result in a media frenzy and courtroom drama that would rival the OJ trial. More here.

Great photos

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The lone S.S. Independence comment lead me to a wonderful collection of photos on Flickr: There is a set of SS Independence photos that you will enjoy.

Truly worth a visit.

History sails out of the Bay

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20087_uss_ind.jpgThe Chron put together a solid piece on the departure of the cruise ship Oceanic.  The ship, originally christened the Independence, sailed with empty rooms and decks void of celebrating passengers.  It’s destination is somewhat mysterious although likely the ship scrap yards of India.

The article chronicles the career of the last US made, US flagged cruise ship to sail.  One of the comments sums it up well, “Sad day. Anyone who has ever travelled between destinations at a leisurely pace in the open air knows that the old timer in many ways had it better. Compared to the modern day cattle car comfort, strip-search security, and sickness- and DVT-inducing pleasures of jet travel will know this to be true. When roads are clogged and a highspeed rail line still hasn’t been built, you will wish you could go to bed on a liner in SF Bay and wake up in Seattle or LA.”

Read “Last U.S. ocean liner heads into the unknown”

MLK Photos

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Time has released some photos of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement.  Some have not been widely seen since their original publication.

Slideshow here.

Warmup: US contributions in the 20th Century

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Visit and move the bottom scroll bar to show the time period from 1900-1950. Each icon on the US map represents an event or person related to American history during this time period.

Review the icons and choose two events/person/place thing that had a positive effect on US and world affairs. Limit your choice to events between 1900 and 1950. Describe why this effect was positive and how it affected international opinion of the United States.

Email your completed description to Type “20th Century America” in the subject line.  Be prepared to discuss one of your choices in class.

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