Blogging Monday: YouTube

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Today’s mission is to integrate a relevant YouTube video into your blog.  The key is relevance.  It relate to your blog topic.  Don’t put in another car crash compliation if you are writing about new music.  Leave the car crashes to another site.

IDEAS: Review a commercial, revisit a song, find a clip that is USEFUL to your audience, find a clip that teaches them something.

1. Find a YouTube clip that relates to your topic.  Can’t find it on YT?  Search vimeo, prelinger archive, etc.

2. Watch the clip.  What are you writing about?  The point is not just to post the video but also to write intelligently about the clip.

3. Add the clip to your post.

4. Write and publish.

Maker Faire 2009 video

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WWII German mine explodes

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A fisherman in Burnham-on-Sea, located on the SW coast of England, discovered an exploded WWII German mine. These mines were dropped by bombers and intended to destroy enemy ships.

These two clips show a) the demolition team setting up a remote detonation of the mine and b) the remote detonation. Continue Reading WWII German mine explodes…

March 1, 1932: Lindbergh baby kidnapped

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The kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh’s baby would result in a media frenzy and courtroom drama that would rival the OJ trial. More here.

Video: satellite shot down

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This looks like a rough edit of Defense Dept video from at least two sources.  You see from launch to impact.

The Pentagon is talking up the success of this shoot-down as evidence that the anti-ballistic program, devised in the 80’s, actually works.  Success is relative considering that the lauch was almost delayed due to heavy seas and cloudy skies.  Missile launches won’t always happen on sunny days, will they?

UFO spotted in Marin County

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I rarely leave home without my digital camera.  Luckily, the other night was no exception.  Watch and see for yourself.


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