HTML assignment

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1. In your html folder create a new folder called assignment1.  Save your work in this folder.

2. Using Notepad or Wordpad, create three linked pages that have the following on each page:

Remember to save each page with an html ending.  Keep your filenames short and without spaces (page2.html).  Rename images as needed to make your life easier (avoid “this is a picture of a puppy.jpg).

Web Design Blogs – commenting

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Now that you have some posts running on your blogs it’s time to work with comments.  If posts are the skeleton of a blog then it’s the comments that give it strength.  Working with your commenters is critical to your blog’s success.

Visit two of your classmates blogs and make an intelligent comment on one of their posts. Here’s the list of blog URL’s that I have. If yours’ is missing let me know:

Web Design – web critique

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Answer the following questions in a blog post.

1. What makes good web design? Remember, I am not talking about content. Just how easy the site is to use and navigate.  Give me your thoughts.

2. Find two websites that have good, appealing design. Don’t worry about the content and information on the website. Just think about how easy it is to use the site. For each website list the following:
-the URL of the website – make it a link.
-describe why you think the website has good design. Consider how easy it is to find information on the site (navigation), how well the colors work together and how well images and/or flash are used.
-what elements stand out as good design to you?
-how and why is the design appropriate to the content of the site?

Future domain names will be local and international

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ICANN, the international body that governs top-level domain names, will increase new domain name endings by 20%.  While the .com ending and U.S. based websites have dominated the Internet since the mid-90’s, the new domain name endings will be written in languages not based on the Roman alphabet. 

You can also look forward to local endings like .berlin and .nyc.  No word yet on .sf.

British encourage students by building really fast car

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That’s right. To enourage greater interest in the sciences the Brits are building a car that will go 1000 mph.

more here

If only it were a hybrid and could carry the kids around, too.

Browser stats from w3schools

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How many people use Chrome?
Mac or PC?
What’s the most common monitor size?

It’s all here – and current – thanks to w3schools.

How much to pay a web designer?

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Here’s question on metafilter

About how much should I budget to hire someone to redesign my website (I work for a small press, so it’s like a book catalog) and provide me with a custom word press (or other type of blogging software) blog type front page as well as a database driven book catalog (300 plus, a page for each book)?

Here are the answers.

Web 2.0 design=simplicity

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Web 2.0 design is always returns to simple, clean design.  NOT boring.  Not empty.  As a designer you use what you need and what benefits your user the most.  Leave the rest out.  Think in terms of being economical with each pixel as if each one cost you cash.

Other characteristics:

Bottom line: if you have seen a design element overused on a MySpace page then don’t use it in your design.

Credit goes to Ben Hunt

NYC garbage for sale

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*New York City Garbage Sculptures by Justin Gignac*

Interesting web design and art concept. Should we start selling Marin garbage?

Anchor demo

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Use this site to help you to setup your anchor links. 

And here’s a little backup anchor tutorial: 

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