Free wifi at Starbucks

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ATT LatteOk, so it’s not free for all. As part of Starbuck’s plan to switch from T-Mobile (sometime this spring) you will receive free wifi at the java giant’s stores if:

-you currently subscribe to AT&T broadband
-you buy, and use, a Starbucks gift card which entitles you to enjoy two hours of wifi a day

Otherwise, you pay. Details at arstechnica.


1) I wonder how long it will take $B to reduce the gift card deal from two hours to…less?
2) Peet’s…Peet’s? Search wifi on and you get “ Peet’s currently does not offer wi-fi internet access in our company-owned retail stores.” This statement is accompanied by a photo of a woman staring at her laptop in a Peet’s. Strange.

I made the image above while juggling my very happy eight-month old boy. Learn ’em early.

Google offers FREE Wifi available in any home

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2007_googletisp.gifDon’t be put off by google’s odd graphic; trust me, this is the offer we have all waited for.  Flush Comcast and their high prices and switch to google as your free isp.

No more money down the drain!

Details here.

SF top in Wifi

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SF is number on ethe country when it comes to the number of free and pay wireless hotspots according to an article in the Chronicle.  Widespread wifi gives people more freedome when it comes to accessing info that they want/need and increases the trend toward cutting the cord to the desktop.

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