Football on a phone for $15/month

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Sprint has paid $50 million to broadcast select NFL games to subscribers willing to pay an extra $15 a month.

According to the article, Sprint is attempting to retain customers as well as attract those who are away from their TVs during games.  The latter is fascinating to me.  Considering that sports viewing is such a domestic activity for many it’s hard to imagine that such a service will be popular. But if you are a die hard fan this service might make sense to you.

It might be worth it on an iPhone but the thrill would be lost on a smaller screen.

Microsoft buys Danger, the maker of Sidekick

February 12, 2008 at 3:44 pm | Posted in tech | 1 Comment
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…for $500 million. I guess this was an impulse buy while waiting in line to purchase Yahoo.

Sidekick Blue Screen

M$ scores an existing wireless platform that does more than make phone calls and a company that knows how to make a functional and useful product. Will M$ take the Sidekick and boost it as an iPhone competitor? Beats the Zune method, I suppose.

Gigaom has details here and here.

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