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2007famousoffices070409_1_560.jpgMy office is not the neatest place in the world. It has gotten better over the years but hardly qualifies as clean and organized. I’m learning to accept it as a character trait/flaw.

My office never reaches the condition of the NY law professor’s workplace pictured here. It might if I didn’t share the space with another teacher but common courtesy keeps me in check.

Why would you care? Some of you may one day even work in an office. Shocking! Take at the offices of NY’s literary, powerful, famous and/or political. Which one suits your personality?

Radio Shack fires employees via email

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ShackIn 2001 I was laid off from a dot com.  Employees were brought into the conference room in small groups to meet with the founder, CEO and VP.  They actually cried as they let us go.  You can only imagine their surprise when we cheered at the news because a) we would get some severance pay and b) we weren’t left behind to do the work of those who were laid off.

Yesterday 400 Radio Shack employees received different treatment.  They opened their email and read:

“The work force reduction notification is currently in progress. Unfortunately your position is one that has been eliminated.”

And then they were fired.  Thirty minutes to clean out their desks and get their mug from the kitchen.  Then goodbye.  Now I was pretty happy to leave dot com but nonetheless appreciated that the bosses made the effort to look us in the eye while laying us off.  Any employee deserves that as a minimum. 

Read more here.

PC in the Wall

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jackpc.gif The folks at Jade Integration have introduced their Jack PC.  This device is a thin-client PC designed to fit in the space of a normal network wall jack.  The computer relies on Citrix to deliver applications-documents are stored on the server.  The computer's small size eliminates the need for a desktop computer.

If you can stand the Citrix lifestyle then this is a good bet for a basic office PC.  Wouldn't work well for home.

SFChron: Making Money on the New Web

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Today's Chron offers an enticing article about making money on the web with little or no effort.  The details are more tantalizing than revealing and I came away wanting to know more.  Read it for yourself:

One of the sites mentioned is  The owner claims $450/month in income from this site.  Can you tell me how he does it?

Time Mag Article: Multitasking Easy Yet Less Efficient

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This week's cover story in TIME discusses the teenage world of multitasking.  It discusses in depth the world off…hang on, just got an email…sorry-anyhow, multitasking, the pros and cons and how to take a break from it all.

It is worth it to sit down and READ THE WHOLE THING without interruption.  How does this apply to you?

Creator of the cubicle regrets what it has become

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Peter- I'm gonna need you to come in this weekend.As someone who has spent a decent part of my working life, to date, in a cubicle, I was fascinated to learn that the architect of the office cubicle regrets how his concept has evolved.  Bob Probst originated the design to encourage open communication within a white collar workplace.  He never intended to create a grey warren of little boxes with workers peaking over the sides like prairie dogs.

Read the full article and view the full gallery at

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