Color photos of the Depression

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The comments claim that these color photos were taken during the Depression and were released by the Library of Congress in early 2006. What do you think? Thanks to John for the info.

Hacked “1984” Apple Ad

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Here’s the original Apple ad:

Here’s the 2007 version:

Online Video Comparison

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Life Googles has put together a one-page comparison of eight popular video sharing sites.  Same video- compare the quality. pays you for you videos

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Visit and see for yourself.  They pay video creators when their videos are viewed.  Big focus on product reviews but they clearly want different content- bonuses are being paid for travel videos.

This model has been suggested as a way to make youtube profitable (what a concept).  I’m going to try expotv out and let you know.

$1.65 billion for YouTube

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That’s what Google paid for YouTube is a move designed to grab a huge slice of the online video sharing market.  YouTube has 46% of this market besting Google video, myspace and a long list of wannabe’s.  Full details here on

YouTube brings a daily audience of 40 million viewers.  Google brings its obvious clout plus Adsense, the search engines lucrative advertising system.  It will be interesting to see how this transaction affects the free nature of YouTube’s offering given that Google video provides users with the opportunity to charge for video viewing.

Big picture: another sign of a mini-boom in web 2.0 companies that are continuing to take advantage of broadband connections to offer content that wasn’t possible in the late 90’s.

Enjoy this video of the now rich and giddy founders of YouTube.  They keep it serious and corporate for the first 2/3 of the clip and then it falls apart.  Two kings?  Are you kidding? 

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