Blogging Part 2 – profile post


Today’s post will focus on a particular person, place, or event related to your field.  This post gives a outline and provides information for your readers.

Here’s some more information about your profile post:

Profile posts are similar to case studies but focus in on a particular person. Pick an interesting personality in your niche and do a little research on them to present to your readers. Point out how they’ve reached the position they are in and write about the characteristics that they have that others in your niche might like to develop to be successful.

This description outlines a profile of a person, but it applies just as aptly to a place.  Here’s some examples –

  • If your subject is mountain biking, perhaps you could outline the characteristics of a particular course, explain why bikers like to race there, and highlight the special features that make that course unique.
    • If this is your subject, you could also talk about a particular mountain biker!
  • If your subject is food, you could discuss a restaurant that specializes in a particular food or drink.  Talk about the atmosphere, the varieties of food, and the location.
    • If this is your subject, you could also talk about a chef!
  • If your topic is video games, you could focus on a particular “world” or level, discussing the challenges, the landscape, or the chanracters involved.
    • If this is your subject, you could also talk about a specific character!

Make sure that differentiate – this is not a review (that’s another type of post)! Save your critique for later, this is a fairly impartial look at the person or place.  Let your readers make up their own mind.

After you choose your topic, take some time to do some research.  You should be able to provide some detailed desciptions to your readers, and chances are that you don’t know everything about your topic.  Get the info and then put it into your own words – plagurism is a BIG DEAL in the blogosphere.

You post should be 500 – 700 words.

Here’s some examples of great profile posts:

A profile of blogger Gary Vaynerchuk

A profile of pianist Al Haig:

A profile of the Nikon d5000 swivel screen dslr camera

A profile of Latin Jazz vibraphonist Cal Tjader:

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