Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft

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After 33 years with Microsoft, Gates is stepping down to focus on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Details here.

Take a look at these two group photos, the first taken in 1978 and the latter more recently. Both include original Microsoft employees. The BBC has a video that describes the circumstances surrounding the original photo.

Yahoo rejects Microsoft’s offer

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Microsoft has withdrawn its buyout offer to Yahoo. The immediate result: Yahoo’s stock had fallen roughly 14% by midday Monday. MSFT offered $33/share and Yahoo’s board was hoping for more like $37.

More at CNNfn.

Microsoft buys Danger, the maker of Sidekick

February 12, 2008 at 3:44 pm | Posted in tech | 1 Comment
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…for $500 million. I guess this was an impulse buy while waiting in line to purchase Yahoo.

Sidekick Blue Screen

M$ scores an existing wireless platform that does more than make phone calls and a company that knows how to make a functional and useful product. Will M$ take the Sidekick and boost it as an iPhone competitor? Beats the Zune method, I suppose.

Gigaom has details here and here.

Microsoft Surface Computer

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I showed a preview of this concept a few months ago. Like they say, from concept to reality. According to this video you can expect to see the Surface Computer in use and for sale by the end of 07.

Be sure to catch the way a digital camera interacts with this seemingly intuitive device. Look for it about 2:20 into the video.

Microsoft Street View

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2007_local_live_street.jpgMicrosoft is offering a beta version of their street preview.  It offers some interesting alternatives to the Google Street View discussed below.  You can view downtown SF or Seattle.

Find it here:

Microsoft pays to change Wikipedia entries

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We hear it all the time, “Why can’t I use Wikipedia?  It’s so easy.”

Yes, it is so easy to change information on Wikipedia.  That’s why Microsoft agreed to pay a writer to “correct” some Wikipedia entries related to some Microsoft tech specs.  This is against Wikipedia policy.

The bottom line: maybe the entries are wrong.  Maybe others are being paid to create entries that may be right or wrong?  Trust me, this won’t happen with the folks at Encylopedia Brittanica.

Read the full story here. 

CNN: No love for Zune

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Best question: “Who’s going to buy this?
My own moment of wonder: Why did MS include wifi that won’t allow you upload music from PC to Zune without wires?!
Punchline: the last 15 seconds of the clip turn into an endorsement for the Shuffle- did Apple pay for this?!

Arstechnica Walks Us Through Windows Vista Beta 2

June 2, 2006 at 3:02 am | Posted in tech, Windows | Leave a comment

Comprehensive discussion of the current beta of Windows Vista 2. Read it here.

Windows Live Local Maps Receives Update

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While Google Maps is still a favorite Windows Live Local is worth a look. The service has added more 3D maps for the UK and Canada and also live traffic from 


Google’s latest offerings

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Google introduced two new offerings at CES. 

Google Pack: a suite of software that you can download from  Some suggest that this is another, more significant step towards directly competing with Microsoft.

Google Video Store: ANYONE can upload their video to this site and sell it.   CBS network programs and NBA games are part of the official offerings which will be iPod/PSP compatible.

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