Corporate Sites Hide Behind Flash and Buzz

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Look at – marketing the new Gigabeat media player. – anti-iPod campaign sponsored by Sandisk.

Both  sites make an effort to hide their affiliation with large corporations. gives the appearance of a viral marketing/guerrilla campaign against iPods that has little to with making money.  Aside from the fact that they sell t-shirts.

Apple Keeps a Few More Customers

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Not that Apple has to work very hard to get new customers but they are always trying new things.

Like trapping them in an elevator until they all buy iPods (partial truth).  The innocent school group was paying homage to Steve Job's newest store shrine in NY when the fancy glass elevator began to act up.  Forty five minutes later they were all freed from their container and free to shop.  No free iPods were given. See photos and read a first hand account of this action. is worth $15K!

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At least that's what the folks at think.  While their valuation of my site is questionable the criteris provides insight into what makes a good domain.  Visit and try a domain for yourself (don't use google or yahoo- too big- try something more modest).

Windows Live Local Maps Receives Update

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While Google Maps is still a favorite Windows Live Local is worth a look. The service has added more 3D maps for the UK and Canada and also live traffic from 


Writing a GOOD email

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We all write email. So much so that it has become like brushing your teeth- you really don't think about HOW you good a job you are doing- you just brush.

The folks at have posted a concise (hallmark of good email) and clear (also important) guide to writing email that works for you and the recipient.   We can all benefit from this refresher. See it here.

Non-tech:decorating that bland dorm-room/rental

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The folks at Lifehacker have opened the lines for suggestions to the following query: how do I decorate my room when I am not allowed to paint, put holes in the walls or otherwise permanently modify any surface?

For those of you leaving the nest (all of you at some point) this is a good question.  Read more at

New Apple Store in NYC

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mecca.jpg plus-sign.jpglouvre.jpg equals.jpg applestorenyc.jpg

Please get the "Apple in the Big Apple" puns out of your system now.

Apple has opened a HUGE store in NYC that is drawing lots of attention.  With all apologies to the Holy City of Mecca, and the designers of the Louvre, there are certain commonalities between these two relgious/cultural sites and the newest of retail establishments.

Link to Apple Store Panorama – requires Quicktime.

Great use of web video

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Sure, we all love (parts) of You Tube- the humorous and weird. 

But take a moment and look at this video tutorial on Photojojo.  The addition of video to this page makes the idea come to life.

Added 5/22- Not only is video used to its fullest in this site but I also like the ideas that they provide.  Watch this site.

Will Video Break the Internet?

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MSNBC and others ran an article last week about the challenges that high-quality video presents to the Internet:

ISPs are looking at charging the content providers (youtube, etc) for providing their content to PAYING customers.

Here more at

The Internet way back in ’97

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This American Life presents one of its classic radio shows called "How We Talked Back Then".  The second act discusses the wonders of the Internet (in 1997) with modern day commentary.  The hosts asked the question, "Are people having experiences on the Internet they wouldn't have anywhere else?" and have now added 2006 commentary to talk about how this would fit with our modern Internet.

This is a rare opportunity to experience history that has occurred in our lifetimes but still seems ancient.

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