Start Dreaming: Mozilla Seabird Concept Phone

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Let’s be clear – this will never be a Mozilla product.  Concept only.  What is great is that it pushes the industry and form factor.

What’s really great is that this was designed by community and thousands of people like you had a say in the feature list.

Full details at

Case Study: When tech is good enough: Flip Video

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Facial recognition used to take class attendance

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A U.K. school has implemented a system that uses facial recognition to take daily attendance.  Approach the gadget, enter your PIN number and your are present.  Video of the process right here.

This is a nice first step.  What I want is a camera that scans the class just after second bell and tallies those that are present.  Ten minutes later it scans again to see who arrived after first scan and marks them tardy.  All others are just absent.

And I’m still holding out for textbooks on a Kindle.

Personal sub inspired by French comic book

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The creator of the new Super Falcon luxury sub credits a 1972 Tintin comic with the inspiration for his design.  Unlike traditional subs this one flies through the water instead of relying on ballast to move to shallow or deeper water. 

It’s yours’ for $1.3 million dollars.  Start saving.

CNN does it justice here.

Rube Goldberg Machine Contest

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The ultimate in cell phone customizing: Modu

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Do you wish that your phone could grow a keyboard, change into a full size handset or shrink into a pocket sized model? All the while keeping your contacts and settings in place.

Modu wants to make that happen. Backed by a sizeable investment from SanDisk, Modu is pitching cell phone guts that could be moved from device to device.

Read the Business Week article for details. Slideshow is worth the trip.

UPDATE 2-13-08:
Video tour on gizmodo

Canned cheesburger revealed

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I left out the pics in case you don’t want to lose your appetite – more than you want to know after the jump.

Canned cheesburger pics

Asus EeePC Preview

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Ok, I am really starting to fixate on this tiny laptop.  The small size and low price are fascinating.  While many mainstream pubs are lumping this in with other gadgets targted at the tween or education market I think that would have value to many users.  Join me in my temporary obsession.


Rider’s life saved by airbag jacket

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Sputnik Turns 50

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Actually, Sputnik burned up in the atmosphere.  But the Russian satellite’s legacy endures, launching not only the spaceSputnik! race between the US and USSR but also serving a key moment in the Cold War.  Sputnik orbited the Earth every 90 minutes crossing borders without regard for treaties or defenses.  If “they” could launch a satellite what would be next?  A bomb?

Read more about the backstory of Sputnik right here. 

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