Google updates its image search – I miss the old version

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Google has updated its image search tool and has added some frivolous mouseover effects.

In the old days (last week), you would clearly see basic info below each thumbnail. Now you must hover over the thumbnail to see details.Old and new google images

You may like the cleaner look but hear me out. When you are searching for an images there are times when the details (size and source) do matter. Cleaner web design is great but not at the expense of useful information.

To restore the “old” search you can follow these browser specific steps- click here.

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Microsoft pays to change Wikipedia entries

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We hear it all the time, “Why can’t I use Wikipedia?  It’s so easy.”

Yes, it is so easy to change information on Wikipedia.  That’s why Microsoft agreed to pay a writer to “correct” some Wikipedia entries related to some Microsoft tech specs.  This is against Wikipedia policy.

The bottom line: maybe the entries are wrong.  Maybe others are being paid to create entries that may be right or wrong?  Trust me, this won’t happen with the folks at Encylopedia Brittanica.

Read the full story here. 

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